He’s almost at 450,000 subscribers on YouTube. Let’s help push Alec Chambers over the edge, because this is most definitely his year.


The 24 year-old, small-town Connecticut singer, songwriter and social media sensation has emerged from the world of bedroom cover versions and flowered into an international star. 


He’s been honing his live act on the East Coast gig circuit for some time. He’s found demand warming up audiences for, among others, Leroy Sanchez at Webster Hall (NYC), Hanson at the Connecticut Festival, Alive at 5, Sum 41 at the Great Hall (CT) and the late Christina Grimmie at The Space in Connecticut. 


His debut EP on which he plays every instrument, has drawn plaudits and offers of collaboration from an extraordinary line-up of musical luminaries. “Do You See Me”, which premiered on Pop Matters two years ago and was co-written by Alec with Sarah Nagourney & Aaron Espe , placed in the top 3 Category in the John Lennon Song Contest that year. Another original  “Completely Crazy” recently won Alec the International Acoustic Music Awards AAA/Alternative prize. He bestrides the musical world as though he’d been part of the industry for years.


But he hasn’t. He is a self-made star. It’s his online following that is Alec Chambers USP. Climbing the slippery music ladder without the safety net of a big label, Alec’s hard-won social networking profile has found him global appeal. His secret is his approachability. He doesn’t just play for his followers, he talks with them. He is their friend, sitting at the end of the bed talking music and life. They love him and they know he loves them, too. 

And while nurturing that intimate connection with his fans, Alec Chambers punches way, way above his weight and the punches land hard. His fresh and prodigious musicality seduces respected creators from across the musical spectrum. He’s been writing and recording new material with producer and platinum-selling songwriter, Sarah Nagourney (Polina, Wynonna, Oh Honey), Grammy award-winning Lee Groves (Black Eyed Peas), Will Simms (The Vamps), Cooper Anderson (Kanye, Grammy Winner for FUN), Alex Davies (Mcfly), Tony Black (Grammy Winner for Alicia Keys).


Groves loves him, “I have worked with Alec a number of times in the studio,” he says."He is a total natural and a unique talent. I am always impressed with his musicality and ability to play different instruments and parts quickly and effortlessly.”


Simms is effusive, "It was freaking awesome working with Alec! He is a dude and I absolutely love his voice! He is totally plugged into the universal consciousness and knows how to translate age old feelings into his music."


His playful and inventive ability to re-model classic songs in his own image has tempted producers normally known for creating original music. His upcoming release of the 90s classic  “Torn”, was produced by the SongHeroes production team of Nagourney, Anderson and Alex Goumas.


Now he’s cementing his international status with a UK record deal with Instrumental Records following a series of British gigs. This is certainly Alec Chambers’ year and those 50,000 online fans will be rewarded for their loyalty by being able to say, “We knew him first.”

- Life of a Rockstar

“From the opening track of his EP, he grabs attention and gives his listener ‘something to believe in.’ The title track is pristine pop wrapped and ready to rock. "